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2017-18 Membership Cost = $116 / $120 click for complete details.
Note: Wachusett costs range from $130 to $500+ depending upon your choices.

Here's a handy sign-up checklist: PDF | EXCEL | Google Sheet

A complete registration MUST include the following:

  1. Completed & Signed Student Info Form
  2. Note: if you have more than one child in the program you must fill
    out a Student Info Form for each.
    Also Note: completing & submitting a Student Info Form includes
    your acceptance of USSC's Liability Terms + Rules and Regulations
    for grades 6-12 and/or grades 3-5.

  3. Membership Payment
    refer to payment page for correct amount, mailing address and credit card information..

  4. Wachusett registration with your selections^ + payment.
  5. ^ see page 2 of this document for example selections.
    school group codes >>>  grades 3-5:  WHTE  grades 6-12:  TUXB