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Pay by Check or PayPal, Debit or Credit Card

2017-18 Membership Pricing

There are some changes this year:
1. $1 price increase - $115 to $116 (refer to table below)
2. $4 "convenience fee" for credit, debit and PayPal transactions
     Why? PayPal, or any payment processing service, charges a fee for each transaction.
     Last season this cost the program more than we can bear annually.
     I wish it were different and continue to research alternate options.
3. We are introducing graduated pricing this year - many late signups last year.
Payment Received by: Personal Check PayPal/Credit/Debit
10/31/17       $116               $120
11/1 - 11/15/17       $120               $124
11/16 - 12/1/17       $125               $129

# of Students        

With PayPal Account

To complete payment using PayPal, select from drop-down, 'Add to Cart'.
When your PayPal cart is displayed confirm the correct amount, then select the 'Check out with PayPal' button.

With or Without PayPal Account

To complete payment using a debit or credit card, select from drop-down, 'Add to Cart'.
When the PayPal cart is displayed confirm the correct amount.
Click the 'Check Out' button.
Then, on the following screen, select the link at lower-right to 'Pay with an online bank account, debit or credit card, or PayPal Credit'.
Enter information as required to complete your purchase.

By Check - payable to 'Uxbridge Ski Club'.

If you choose to pay by check come to one of the signup nights (watch for dates via email).
If unable to attend a signup session at UHS, simply mail a check^ to:

P.O. Box 344
Slatersville, RI 02876

^please refer to table above for dates / prices.

What's next?

Please be sure to complete a Student Info Form, if you have not yet done so.
For rentals, lessons, a lift badge or season pass visit Wachusett Group Sales.