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Chaperone Information

We strive to have 1 chaperone per 12-15 students (or 1:5 for Whitin students). With 150+ students in the program, we need 10-15 chaperones each week, especially for the chaotic first 2 weeks of the season. Being a chaperone is a great way to get in some free skiing, socializing, or just a night out. Ski Passes are limited and not guaranteed to be available each week, check with the coordinator to make sure a pass is available. You don't need to ski to be a chaperone.

Two or three chaperones are needed at the Whitin Elementary School to help corral the kids and load the buses (and 3-6 to ride the buses). Once at the mountain, a number of chaperones and parents are always present in the ‘Granite Room’ of the lodge to assist students. Chaperones help students off the buses, into the lodge and / or to rentals & lessons.

If a chaperone is not scheduled to be at the Chaperone's Table, they are free to ski. At the end of the night chaperones make sure everyone is out of the lodge (and pick up lost / left-behind items), then take attendance and collect ski passes as the students board the bus for the return trip.

For more detailed information about the role of a Chaperone or Ranger, and to complete a form to apply/enroll, click here.


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