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Chaperones: About

Volunteering as a Chaperone is a very, very important Ski Club role. We need people willing to commit to attending each week in order to coach and corral groups of 4-6 kids. Each group will be created based upon general needs (skier or boarder, skill level, rentals, lessons, etc.) - not necessarily their friends and classmates. However, if they have a "ski buddy" we will do our best to keep them together Chaperones are be needed at the mountain to meet the buses and then get kids where they need to go. This begins with bringing them to our section in the lodge, in the 'Granite Room', and for the elementary group: keeping their gear together (inside and out). The UHS/McCloskey group arrives an hour before Whitin Elementary and they will have already done their best to secure several tables.

This is roughly a 5-hour commitment each Tuesday.

Chaperone duties may include, but are not limited to: Keeping kids in the Gym at Whitin until after all other students have gone home as well as help loading the buses, taking attendance on the bus, going to and from the Mountain, helping students through the rental lines, getting students to the appropriate lessons (on time). Also skiing / snowboarding with beginners and Skiing / snowboarding with any student who does not have a partner. All chaperones must help out with lodge duty typically 1/2 - 1 hour per week. We need to have an adult chaperone in the lodge at all times in case we are called for emergencies. Chaperone passes are limited; we will try to include everyone who is willing. If there is a week that you would like to chaperone and you know this in advance, please contact me. Bus transportation for Chaperones is not guaranteed. Chaperones are now able to get FREE rental equipment! Chaperones are also needed in limited fashion at each school only. These fine folks help kids gather their equipment and board the bus safely and quickly, ensuring an on-time departure. This is a 30-minute commitment each week and generally needed for elementary only. But, for the first week or two having someone at McCloskey is also helpful.

One or more Chaperones are needed at each school each Tuesday morning to receive equipment. This is about 45-minutes.

For those looking for truly limited child-watching duties (and maximum ski-time potential), there exists a possibility for you to be a: Chaperone Ranger.
The objective of the Chaperon Ranger is to help patrol the slopes for reckless student skiers and snowboarders. Rangers provide additional man-power, which is needed to help keep students remain under control. The Chaperone Ranger must come for all sessions. Wachusett will be putting on approximately 15 people per night for this duty. Wachusett will contact Tyler in December regarding who has been selected, so please do submit your info asap..

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